Welding & Brazing Equipment

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  DAYROD 982 is the latest method manufactured by The S.A. Day Mfg. Co. Inc. for the repair ..
£5.94 Ex Vat: £4.95
  1.5mm Fluxed Silver Solder   Composition 30% Silver 36% Copper 32% Zin..
£6.60 Ex Vat: £5.50
Model: F23220001
    Consisting Of Light weight welding and brazing shank and mixer assembly, ..
£298.80 Ex Vat: £249.00
Model: JAV-S2
    This is a self-fluxing silver-copper-phosphorus alloy suitable for the brazi..
£28.20 Ex Vat: £23.50
    Replacement Maxi Gas Cartridge for Turboset 1000   Technical Data..
£16.74 Ex Vat: £13.95
Model: OXY
    Replacement Oxygen Cylinder for Turboset 1000   Technical Safety ..
£22.74 Ex Vat: £18.95
Model: OXYTS
  The lightweight Turbo Set has become the industry standard for small brazing kits. The..
£147.60 Ex Vat: £123.00
Model: 31093R
    Acetylene brazing torch up to Ø 35 mm with 2,350 °C Ideal brazing unit - ..
£177.60 Ex Vat: £148.00
Model: 40500
    Rothenberger 4.4500 Brazing Paste LP5 - Flux -160g. Flux for brazing at work..
£10.79 Ex Vat: £8.99
    Product Details:- Extremely high flame temperature, utmost burning per..
£11.04 Ex Vat: £9.20
Model: 35012
    Get the job done quickly and easily with this torch. This makes soldering mo..
£76.80 Ex Vat: £64.00
Model: 64933M
    Rofrost valve for small cylinders. Fits the R600a/R290 Cylinders. ..
£31.20 Ex Vat: £26.00
Model: 40202
    Silver/phosphorus safety hard solder for higher stressed copper pipe systems..
£28.20 Ex Vat: £23.50
Model: 35644
    Fully adjustable soldering and brazing torch. Professional hotter flame..
£75.00 Ex Vat: £62.50
Model: 67023
    Flame and heat resistant up to 1,260 degrees C. Ecomab body soluble cla..
£22.92 Ex Vat: £19.10
Model: 32094
  Traditional Safety Spark lighter Product Details:- Ideal for safe ignition of non..
£6.26 Ex Vat: £5.22