HVAC & Refrigeration Tools

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Model: TC-127
    Tube Cutter 1/8" to 1 1/8" O.D. (4mm to 18mm O.D.) tubing   Produ..
£6.95 Ex Vat: £5.79
Model: TLMSP
    All-In-One swaging punch tool includes six sizes of swaging ends on one tool..
£10.26 Ex Vat: £8.55
Model: TLPK
    Set of 5 punches: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" ..
£10.26 Ex Vat: £8.55
Model: TM50
    A step above the standard pocket thermometer, the TM50 is packed full of fea..
£23.99 Ex Vat: £19.99
Model: TR600E
    BRAND NEW - TR600 Series Refrigerant Recovery Machines TR600E - 240V C..
£1,056.00 Ex Vat: £880.00
Model: TC-274
    Tube Cutter 1/8" to 1 1/8" O.D. (4mm to 28mm O.D.) tubing   Produ..
£14.39 Ex Vat: £11.99
Model: VP2D
    CPS Premium Series, Two stage pump, Dual Voltage, 240v/110v Our ..
£226.80 Ex Vat: £189.00
Model: VP6D
    Pro-Set® Premium Series. Two Stage pump. Dual Voltage,  6CFM, 148 ..
£330.00 Ex Vat: £275.00
Model: D-TEK
    The D-Tek Select is an accurate, highly sensitive, cordless refrigerant leak..
£346.98 Ex Vat: £289.15
  DAYROD 982 is the latest method manufactured by The S.A. Day Mfg. Co. Inc. for the repair ..
£5.94 Ex Vat: £4.95
Model: AER-1-600
  Coil care is a safe and effective evaporator coil cleaner and disinfectant formulated ..
£6.60 Ex Vat: £5.50
Model: 01714
    A ready to use, multi-purpose, polyuethane foam that is triple expanding whe..
£6.60 Ex Vat: £5.50
    Fresh-Coil is formulated for routine cleaning. The powerful spray delivered ..
£6.90 Ex Vat: £5.75
    G2G Bubble is a spray on leak detector.  It’s high bubbling viscosity m..
£8.64 Ex Vat: £7.20
Model: G2GCOIL
    Product Details:- Pre-diluted and ready for use in a handy one litre s..
£9.90 Ex Vat: £8.25
Model: G2GFOAM
    G2G-Foam is an alkaline based foaming coil cleaner that produces outstanding..
£9.90 Ex Vat: £8.25
    G2G-Green is an environmentally friendly indoor and outdoor coil cleaner. Th..
£12.36 Ex Vat: £10.30
    Smell Buster is a unique odour elimination product which in not a perfume or..
£9.90 Ex Vat: £8.25
    Pro-Universal™ is an NSF food safe registered universal indoor and outdoor c..
£11.40 Ex Vat: £9.50
Model: PS-1-UK
    The power sprayer is designed to make coil cleaning easier and faster.  ..
£196.80 Ex Vat: £164.00