Cliplight DRY R™ Moisture Eliminator

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Cliplight DRY R™ Moisture Eliminator



DRY R™ is a fast-acting product that eliminates 60 drops of water and does not use methanol or alcohol to mask moisture. Instead, DRY R™ chemically breaks down the H²0 molecule to eradicate moisture, dissolve blockages and free metering devices.

DRY R™ conditions and stabilizes oil by lowering overall moisture parts per million - no particulate, gels or polymers will form. Ideal for reducing the harmful effects of moisture in all refrigerants and oils, it is essential for removing moisture in 410a systems.


Product Details:-

  • Eliminates 60 drops of water
  • Increases drier and oil efficiency
  • Prevents corrosion, acid and waxing
  • Contains no butane, propane or other harmful propellant
  • Uses systems refrigerant as charge
  • Guaranteed not to contaminate refrigerant
  • Meets ARI 700 standard

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Smashing product, very handy.

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