RDA Caresaver Universal Recovery Unit 110v

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RDA Caresaver Universal Recovery Unit 110v



The Caresaver unit is a simple to use, portable, service tool designed to efficiently remove liquid and vapour refrigerant from any refrigeration or air conditioning system.

The unit is semi-automatic and is suitable for operation with all common CFC, HCFC, HFC and HC refrigerants used in domestic, commercial and automotive equipment. The heat exchanger and air cooled condenser make the units particularly suitablefor applications where the refrigerantcan only be recovered as vapour, for example through access valves on packaged air conditioning equpiment and piercing pliers with domestic equipment.

RDA are approved EN60730 Part 2 BSEN60079 Part 10 electrical equipment in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Product Details:-

  • Liquid and vapour recovery with automatic changeover
  • Self discharging and Hot Gas/Cool Gas discharge switch
  • Suitable for all CFC, HCFC, HFC, HC and all CARE® blend refrigerants used on domestic, commercial and automotive refrigerants and air conditioning equipment
  • Onboard refrigerant storage facility
  • 5m hard wired mains lead with moulded plug
  • Automatic safety high and low pressure switches with illuminated indicators and manual pressure override switch
  • High efficiency heat exchanger and inlet oil separator with drain facility and integral mesh strainer
  • Compressor fan cooling and compact air cooled condenser
  • High electrical specification with encapsulated components

​Technical Specs:-

  • L x W x H : 470 x 235 x 335mm
  • Weight : 21kg
  • Refrigerants : R22, R134a, R404a, R407c, R410a, R413a, R417a, R502, R600a, R290, R1234yf, R32 & all CARE® blend refrigerants
  • Recovery Capacity up to : 32kg/h
  • Onboard storage capacity : 250g
  • Ambient temperature rating : 50°C
  • Power absorbed : 145 W
  • Running current : 1.3A
  • Voltage : 110 V
  • Compressor protection : HP switch, thermal overload
  • Inlet connection : 1/4" SAE male flare
  • Discharge connection : 1/4" SAE male flare
  • Oil drain connection : 1/4" SAE male flare
  • Applications : Domestic, Commercial, Air Conditioning, Automotive

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