Test Instruments

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Model: T2272A
  Suitable for non-contact AC voltage tests, e.g. earthing/ground connection c..
£18.78 Ex Vat: £15.65
Model: 810-210
  Product Details:-Fridge/freezer sensor room sensor Backlit Displa..
£11.70 Ex Vat: £9.75
Model: 810-930
  Max/min Thermometer - The max min thermometer features an easy to read LCD d..
£16.80 Ex Vat: £14.00
Model: 810-961
  Product Details:-Easy to read LED display Display hold feature Ma..
£14.34 Ex Vat: £11.95
Model: EM60
  Measuring, analyzing and solving environmental problems is paramount for the..
£76.20 Ex Vat: £63.50
Model: 1410R
  Probe type electronic digital thermometer.Product Details:--50ºC ..
£15.59 Ex Vat: £12.99
Model: 05907450
 The testo 745 non-contact Voltage Tester has a voltage range of up to 1,000 V AC. It i..
£28.68 Ex Vat: £23.90
Model: 05907602
 The testo 760 digital multimeter family includes three models suitable for all importa..
£154.80 Ex Vat: £129.00
Model: 05907702
 The testo 770 Clamp Meter is ideally suited for current measurement in switching cabin..
£178.80 Ex Vat: £149.00
Model: 05601805
 Smart Phone + Smart Probes = Smart Work In combination with a smartphone or tablet, t..
£82.80 Ex Vat: £69.00
Model: VCM-202
  Measures AC/DC voltage, AC current, resistance, diode and temperature&nbs..
£53.99 Ex Vat: £44.99
Model: VDM-151
  30 Different measuring ranges Overload protection Capacity testing up..
£53.99 Ex Vat: £44.99
Model: 69348
  Product Details:-Easy-to-read and use unit measures 10 to 99,999 rpm o..
£61.20 Ex Vat: £51.00