Javac S2 Phosphorus Brazing Alloy

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Javac S2 Phosphorus Brazing Alloy



This is a self-fluxing silver-copper-phosphorus alloy suitable for the brazing of copper and high copper content alloys.

Nominal Composition:

  • Silver 0.2%
  • Copper 93.3%
  • Phosphorus 6.5%

​Impurities to ISO 17672 Group CuP

Melting Range:

  • Solidus 645°C
  • Liquidus 850°C

Brazing Temperature:

  • 760°C (minimum)

​Unlike silver brazing alloys, silver-copper-phosphorus filler metals are sufficiently fluid for brazing at a temperature significantly below the liquidus temperature of the alloy

Tensile Strength:

  • 620 N/mm²


  • 5%


  • 200 HV

​Electrical Conductivity:

  • 8% IACS at 20°C
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