Digital Manifolds

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Model: 4686736
  The DIGIMON is a first class digital manifold featuring an easy to use desig..
£394.80 Ex Vat: £329.00
Model: 00569
Contains:-1x Digital Manifold1x Clamp Temperature Probe1x Padded bagGeneral Safe..
£379.20 Ex Vat: £316.00
Model: 05600550
The biggest strength of the Testo 549 digital manifold has to its phenomenal value. At under £20..
£262.80 Ex Vat: £219.00
Model: 05631551
New Testo 550: Just switch on, measure, and read off Large figures allow the values to be read o..
£322.80 Ex Vat: £269.00
Model: 05631558
Brand New Refrigeration App and Bluetooth capabilitiesWith the option of Bluetooth capabilit..
£514.80 Ex Vat: £429.00
Model: 05630002
Smart Phone + Smart Probes = Smart Work The compact refrigeration set contains the high-pressur..
£210.00 Ex Vat: £175.00
Model: VDG-1
Reads 44 refrigerants including R32 and R1234yf Pressure display in psi, bar, Kpa and Mpa ..
£238.80 Ex Vat: £199.00
Model: 40870
The YELLOW JACKET® P51-870 TITAN™ Digital Manifold Series provides ultimate system measurem..
£538.80 Ex Vat: £449.00
Model: 46060
When clear, swift and accurate readings meet quality and precision measurementsThe YELLOW JA..
£201.60 Ex Vat: £168.00
Model: 67002
   The Yellow Jacket® ManTooth™ Dual Pressure Wireless Digital Pressure/Temperatu..
£328.80 Ex Vat: £274.00
Model: 67021
The Yellow Jacket 67021 ManTooth-PTV Single provides technicians with a wireless, smart-phone co..
£406.80 Ex Vat: £339.00
Model: 67001
   The Yellow Jacket® ManTooth™ Wireless Digital Pressure/Temperature Gauge provi..
£214.80 £154.80 Ex Vat: £129.00
Model: 40815
The display reads in analog, digital or a combination of both, and monitors two pressures, two l..
£1,183.20 Ex Vat: £986.00
Model: 69196
Simplify how you measure superheat/subcool. Select your refrigerant, enter the pressure readings..
£160.19 Ex Vat: £133.49