HVAC & Refrigeration Tools

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Model: R170063
    6CFM, 170 L/min,  2 stage, dual voltage 110v/240v Solenoid check..
£357.60 Ex Vat: £298.00
Model: R170064
    9CFM, 255 L/min, 2 stage, dual voltage 110v/240v Solenoid check valve..
£508.80 Ex Vat: £424.00
Model: 35012
    Get the job done quickly and easily with this torch. This makes soldering mo..
£91.20 Ex Vat: £76.00
Model: 64933M
    Rofrost valve for small cylinders. Fits the R600a/R290 Cylinders. ..
£31.20 Ex Vat: £26.00
Model: R168606
    240v/110v Compact, portable device for recovery of halogenated refrigerants ..
£1,287.60 Ex Vat: £1,073.00
Model: R168605
    240v/110v Compact, portable device for recovery and recycling refrigerants o..
£1,062.00 Ex Vat: £885.00
Model: 65000M
    Designed to trace costly and potentially dangerous gas and compressed air le..
£8.16 Ex Vat: £6.80
Model: 40202
    Silver/phosphorus safety hard solder for higher stressed copper pipe systems..
£28.20 Ex Vat: £23.50
Model: R85800R
    Cleaning spray for air conditioning systems, which acts as a deodorant. S..
£13.18 Ex Vat: £10.98
Model: 67023
    Flame and heat resistant up to 1,260 degrees C. Ecomab body soluble cla..
£26.00 Ex Vat: £21.67
Model: R175001
    Adjustable Torque Wrench and 6 inserts for flare joints on 17mm, 22mm, 24mm,..
£70.80 Ex Vat: £59.00
Model: 7.0029
    Improved performance. Higher stability with noticeably less weight. C..
£50.40 Ex Vat: £42.00
    RTU® BU is a Bubble-up leak detector is specifically designed to l..
£11.40 Ex Vat: £9.50
    RTU CC is a condenser cleaner which is ideal for use as part of a regular ma..
£11.40 Ex Vat: £9.50
  RTU® ECD is and evaporator cleaner which has a highly effective cleaning action that i..
£11.40 Ex Vat: £9.50
Model: 530029
  Access x 1/4" copper extended (100mm) ODS ..
£1.44 Ex Vat: £1.20
    ​The Scott Shop Towels are strong, absorbant and multi-purpose towel, ideal ..
£3.54 Ex Vat: £2.95
Model: 3D PRO
    Premium quality, highly durable work trousers with ergonomic fit for lasting..
£69.96 Ex Vat: £58.30
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Model: 3D TRADE
    Durable poly / cotton twill work trousers with polyester and Cordura® fabric..
£56.94 Ex Vat: £47.45
Model: T52239
    Made from hard wearing fabric that has a waterproof rating of 4500mm. It has..
£58.80 Ex Vat: £49.00