HVAC & Refrigeration Tools

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Model: MA-DMT123
    Product Details :- Switchable between °F & °C 4" LCD d..
£114.00 Ex Vat: £95.00
    Replacement Maxi Gas Cartridge for Turboset 1000   Technical Data..
£16.74 Ex Vat: £13.95
    Gas Control technological gas leakage detector. It is designed to tes..
£7.50 Ex Vat: £6.25
Model: OXY
    Replacement Oxygen Cylinder for Turboset 1000   Technical Safety ..
£22.74 Ex Vat: £18.95
Model: OXYTS
  The lightweight Turbo Set has become the industry standard for small brazing kits. The..
£147.60 Ex Vat: £123.00
Model: AK2
    Acti-Brite™ is an acid based outdoor condenser coil cleaner. It is designed ..
£23.94 Ex Vat: £19.95
Model: AK4
    ProKlean MPC is a concentrated, industrial strength detergent formulated spe..
£28.68 Ex Vat: £23.90
Model: AER-B-500
    Pump House leak detector spray is ideal for locating refrigerant, compressed..
£6.60 Ex Vat: £5.50
Model: AER-C-600
    Pump House Case and Diffuser Cleaner is a case cleaner designed for effectiv..
£6.60 Ex Vat: £5.50
Model: AER-0-500
    The Outdoor Coil Cleaner is an effective solvent based condenser cleaner tha..
£6.60 Ex Vat: £5.50
Model: AD84L
    CPS® AD84L - 1/2" ACME F Left hand thread  x 1/4" SAE M Adapter. ..
£10.74 Ex Vat: £8.95
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Model: MBF
    2-Valve Piston Valve Manifolds With 1/4” SAE Fittings for R404a, R134a and R..
£46.80 Ex Vat: £39.00
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    The CARE-AIR fan module is an essential service accessory to be used wh..
£316.80 Ex Vat: £264.00
    The Caresaver unit is a simple to use, portable, service tool designed to ef..
£1,418.40 Ex Vat: £1,182.00
    The Caresaver unit is a simple to use, portable, service tool designed to ef..
£1,398.00 Ex Vat: £1,165.00
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    Dirty evaporator, condenser and heat pump coils can increase utility cost.&n..
£9.54 Ex Vat: £7.95
Model: 4686736
    The DIGIMON is a first class digital manifold featuring an easy to use desig..
£394.80 Ex Vat: £329.00
Model: HY-EX-6
    New Hydraulic Expander tool kit with 6 expander heads to cover all imperial ..
£414.00 Ex Vat: £345.00
Model: 9881526
    1/4 inch Tube piercing plier A REFCO top product item which enables an im..
£58.80 Ex Vat: £49.00
    The RA EXP Expander Set couples hydraulic pressure with a light-weight tool ..
£367.20 Ex Vat: £306.00