Condensate Pumps

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Model: FP2099/2
The world's only persitaltic tank pump offers unsurpassed high head and unmatched reliability. ..
£105.60 Ex Vat: £88.00
Model: FP3349
The best in class Max Hi-Flow tank pump carries on the Aspen Pumps tradition of build quality &a..
£46.80 Ex Vat: £39.00
Model: FP1200
The award-winning Micro-v condensate removal pump with no breather tube, fits into the smallest ..
£84.00 Ex Vat: £70.00
Model: FP1080/2
The 'ultra quick fit' Mini Blanc is designed to be fitted beneath high wall indoor units and off..
£62.40 Ex Vat: £52.00
Model: FP1056/2
The new and improved Mini Tank pump can be wall mounted, floor mounted, in-pan or suspended on M..
£60.00 Ex Vat: £50.00
Model: FP1282
Aspen Peristaltic Replacement Tube, suitable for all Peristalic models in the Aspen Range. Repla..
£7.62 Ex Vat: £6.35
Model: FP3326
Combining Silent+ technology and the slimmest mini pump on the market, the Silent+ Mini Aqua lea..
£62.40 Ex Vat: £52.00
Model: FP3320/2 / FP3317/2
The next generation Silent+ Mini Lime has an anti-vibration damper and built-in sound absorbing ..
£100.80 Ex Vat: £84.00
Model: FP3322
The pump is clipped directly onto the reservoir so there is minimal suction lift. By connecting ..
£68.40 Ex Vat: £57.00
Model: FP3313
The world's no.1 mini pump becomes the quietest in its class! Featuring an acoustic damper, anti..
£69.60 Ex Vat: £58.00
Model: FP2081/2
Operated by an air conditioning cooling signal, the Standard peristaltic sets the standard for r..
£94.80 Ex Vat: £79.00
Model: FP2082/2
The top selling Universal is operated by two air temperature sensors. The peristaltic rotary mov..
£112.80 Ex Vat: £94.00
Model: VCC20S
  Low profile at 125mm, this 1 litre tank pump from world-leading Little Giant..
£46.80 Ex Vat: £39.00
Model: VCMX-20S
 New from the proven leader in condensate pump technology, the slimmest tank style pump..
£46.80 Ex Vat: £39.00