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TIF XP-1A Refrigerant Leak Detector


Concerns about the environment, system efficiency and the increased cost of refrigerant has made the location of leaks a priority for the industry. This has led to a need for a leak detector which is both affordable and effective.

Introducing the TIF XP-1A refrigerant leak detector. The TIF XP-1A features a mechanical pump which ensures that moving air from the immediate environment is continuously flowing over the sensing tip for it to sample. The sensing tip is monitored by the microprocessor 4000 times a second and can detect leaks down to 3g of refrigerant per year.

It features a manualreset, allowing the user to set the ambient level of refrigerant as the base point. This combined with 7 levels of sensitivity, allows the user to effectively home in on the refrigerant leak.

The TIF XP-1A also has a tricolour visual display. This not only shows the intensity of the refrigerant present, but is also ideal in environments where the audible alarm is not appropriate such as offices or noisy areas. This can also provide a visual indication of the remaining battery life.

The kit comes complete with 2 sensors each with a 20 hour life, a hard carry case and a three year warranty.

Product Feature:

  • Microprocessor controlled circuit with advanced digital signal processing
  • Tricolour visual display
  • Seven levels of sensitivity provides an increase of up to 64x
  • Real time sensitivity adjustment
  • Battery test function
  • Detects ALL Halogenated Refrigerants (A2L, R32)
  • True mechanical pumping provides positive airflow through sensing tip

Technical Info :

Product Code : TIF XP-1A
Gas Detected : All Halogenated refrigerants inc. A2L, R32
Sensitivity gr/yr : 3
Leak Indication : Audible and Visual
Probe Length cm : 35
Battery Life : Approx. 30 hrs.
Shipping Weight Kg : 1.370
Packing Size (LxWxH) mm : 31x26x8
Shipping Volume m³ : 0.006448

£166.80 inc. VAT

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