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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 376 × 250 × 344 cm

Fieldpiece Digital Recovery Machine MR45INT 230V A2L


FieldPiece MR45INT 230V Digital Recovery machine

Suitable for use with A2L Refrigerants.

The variable smart speed DC motor is quieter, faster, smoother, and lighter for increased performance and comfort. Liquid slugging is minimized and vapor recovery is maximized. The advanced motor control also adjusts to match incoming voltage so that your machine works with longer extension cords or when the power grid is over capacity on hot days.

Lightweight (10kg)

  • DC motor is small and light

Smoother & Faster

  • Smooth liquid recovery
  • Variable smart speed motor maximizes performance
  • Rubber feet and motor mounts reduce noise and vibrations
  • 1 horsepower motor supplies speed and power
  • Micro channel condenser cools faster, especially on hot days


  • Active electronic monitoring protection system
  • Rubberized housing protects components
  • Ceramic cylinders resist abrasion
  • Rail slides protect the machine and building
  • Long lasting piston seals
  • Protected electronics for rainy days
  • Operating voltage between 200 and 250 VAC

IN/OUT Port Upgrades

  • Ports face out for easy access and direct flow
  • Ports elevated from ground
  • Rubber bumpers protect ports
  • Mesh screen fitting stays in place when removing hoses
  • Large rubberized dual-port routing knob

Digital Display

  • Easily read the large digits
  • Status messages clarify operation
  • Blue back light helps in darker situations
  • Withstands long days in the sun and rain

And More

  • Power cord stores on the handle
  • Room to hook the handle for hoisting to the roof
  • Self purge protects MR45 and our environment

Specifications :-

Display : 2 x 10000 count LCD with status messages
Backlight : Blue colour
Measurement rate : 3.3 times per second
Input Port Pressure Sensor Range: -76cmHg to 4100kPa
Output Port Pressure Sensor Range : -76 cmHg to 4100kPa
High Pressure Cutoff : 3850kPa, nominal
Resolutions & Units : 5 Kpa, 1 psig, 0.05 bar, 0,01 Mpa
Pressure Sensor : 1.3 cmHg, ± 0.5 ” Hg
Accuracy : ± (0.6% of reading + 14 kPa)
Final Recovery Vacuum : 38cmHg, 14.9″ Hg
Compressor : Twin cylinder reciprocating (oil-less)
DC Motor : 1 HP (Variable smart speed)
Power Source : 190 to 255 VAC @ 50/60 Hz 1 phase
Nominal Current Draw : 7.0 AAC
Valve : Single dual-route ball valve
Input Port Filtration : 9 mm mesh screen, stainless
Dimensions : 376 mm x 250 mm x 344 mm
Weight : 10 kg
Operating Environment : 0°C to 43°C
Storage Environment : -20°C to 60°C
Approved Refrigerants :



12, 22, 32*, 134a, 143a*, 401a, 401b, 401c, 402a, 402b, 404a, 407a, 407b, 407c, 407d, 408a, 409a, 410a, 448a, 452a, 500, 502, 507, 509, 1234yf*, 1234ze*

*Class A2L (mildly flammable) refrigerant

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