Carel Easy Freeze Controller 230v

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Carel Easy Freeze Controller 230v



The controller comes with a specific instruction sheet, describing assembly details, probe and actuator connections and configuration parameters. The pleasant apperance, combined with the IP65 level of protection, make Easy Freeze the ideal solutions for plug-in showcases, display cases and cabinets in professional kitchens and catering equipment.

The controller is supplied already programmed and ready to use.

Easy Freeze - The ideal solution for ventilated plug-in refrigeration units at low temperature (below 0°C)

Thermostat with preloaded set point (-18 °C), defrost by temperature and evaporator fan management.

The following parameters are accessible on entering the password:

  • control;
  • compressor protection;
  • defrost;
  • evaporator fan management;
  • alarms.

The controller can be fully programmed using just 27 parameters.


Technical Specs :-

Relay - compressor 16 A , defrost 8 A, evaporator fans 8 A

Probes - room and defrost temp. probe included in the packaging (2x NTC 1.5m)

Control - Pre-configured to reduce unit start-up times

Display - large, +27% bigger than standard display, plus compressor, defrost and evaporator fan icons

Alarm - high and low temperature alarm signals

On/Off and Defrost Functions - accessible directly form the keypad

Initial Configuration - possibility to restore the initial configuration

Keypad - ergonomic keypad with pleasant appearance

Certification - CE & UL

Drilling Template - 71x29mm

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