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Model: 05633163
The testo 316-3 refrigerant leak detector is one piece of kit that you as a refrigerant technici..
Ex Tax: £179.00

Model: 05600550
 The biggest strength of the Testo 549 digital manifold has to its phenomenal value. At..
Ex Tax: £219.00

Model: 05631551
 New Testo 550: Just switch on, measure, and read off Large figures allow the values to..
Ex Tax: £269.00

Model: 05605522
 The testo 552 is a digital vacuum measuring instrument for the evacuation of refrigera..
Ex Tax: £129.00

Model: 05631558
 Brand New Refrigeration App and Bluetooth capabilitiesWith the option of Bluetooth..
Ex Tax: £429.00

Model: 05907450
 The testo 745 non-contact Voltage Tester has a voltage range of up to 1,000 V AC. It i..
Ex Tax: £23.90

Model: 05907602
 The testo 760 digital multimeter family includes three models suitable for all importa..
Ex Tax: £129.00

Model: 05907702
 The testo 770 Clamp Meter is ideally suited for current measurement in switching cabin..
Ex Tax: £149.00

Model: 05601805
 Smart Phone + Smart Probes = Smart Work In combination with a smartphone or tablet, t..
Ex Tax: £69.00

Model: 05630002
 Smart Phone + Smart Probes = Smart Work The compact refrigeration set contains the hi..
Ex Tax: £195.00